Best Kids Room Interior Design Ideas

Best Kids Room Interior Design Ideas

Dec 8, 2021 | Best Children room's designs in Mumbai, Best Interior Designers in Mumbai

Kids brighten the space they occupy. It is no wonder that kids’ toys, clothes, and furniture attract immense attention. Kids’ bedroom is a space where they can let themselves be. They can study, play, entertain, relax, and sleep in this room. As a result, it occupies an important point in their lives. Since your kids are the center of your universe, their room deserves a lot of attention. You need to have the best creative minds at work for getting the perfect kids’ room interior design. If you wish to provide your child with a unique space they can enjoy living in, then here are a few ideas to help you decorate the most important room for the little bundle of joys that rule your heart.


1. Choose a colour scheme

While traditionally blue is associated with boys and pink is for girls, it is not essential to get the kids’ room done in these specific colours. You can also opt for a gender-neutral colour like yellow or green. However, if you have separate rooms for both your kids, you can get their rooms done in their favourite colours. Several colour combinations like aqua or other gender-neutral colours like orange, yellow, red & white are excellent for setting the tone for the kid’s room. You can also experiment by including different colours for different walls, for example, a room with contrasting colours, like yellow for aqua and blue for orange. This contrast adds a dash of pop to the room and brightens the space for them.


2. Accessorize with functional and sustainable furniture

Best kids room design by best interior designers in Mumbai

Choosing accessories for the room is a humongous task. This is primarily so because the needs of a child differ as they age. Therefore, it is important, as parents, to go for furniture which can be used in the long run. Few things that can be added to the room to brighten it include a stepped shelf to keep their favourite collectables and books, a group of framed photographs showing the best moments of life, and a quirky study table that is stylish and functional enough to help them with their studies.


3. Create layers for an illusion of a bigger room

You can incorporate play, study, and sleeping quarters within the same room by adding different layers. A bunk bed can demarcate the sleeping area from the play and study area. Alternatively, if you have two kids but not enough space to provide them with individual rooms, then a bunk bed can be an awesome answer to their separate sleeping spaces. With desk space sorted for the kids, a mattress offers additional cushioning. The low floor design increases the play space for kids.


4. Increase storage space with hidden areas

One of the major problems homeowners face while designing any room is the forever decreasing storage space. This is primarily because as your child grows, the items they require keep on adding. While you cannot continue to expand the kids’ room, you can definitely do something about the storage space. One of the best ways to adequately make use of the space available within the room is having a box bed. It can provide a lot of storage space for your children. However, if you have opted for a bunk bed, then, instead of a rung ladder, you can have a step ladder, where every step has a storage space. Moreover, you can also have foldable study tables that can create more space for the kids to play and enjoy.
While these are functional kids’ room interior design ideas, there are several themed versions that your child is going to love staying, studying, and playing in. Let us check them out too.

Best kids room design by best interior designers in Mumbai


a. Superhero-Themed Room

Let’s be realistic, there isn’t a boy who isn’t a Marvel or a DC comics fan. A room that is decorated with all the superhero stuff, including theme colours, logos, and a dedicated place where all their action figure and memorabilia can go is what dreams are made of. With furniture and furnishings where all their favourite things are available, it will be their favourite place in the home, even better than the playground.

Best Interior Designers In Mumbai


b. Princesses’ Paradise

Every little girl is Daddy’s little princess, and if you can, then providing them with a magical and mystical castle-like room experience is perfect. Done in baby pink like Sleeping Beauty or powder blue like Cinderella, there are several pastel shades to choose from. Even the décor, including customized bed, rugs, linens, and curtains can reflect the love the little one has for all things royale!


c. Cars-Themed Room

Disney’s Cars has raced into the hearts of kids and adults alike making it one of the preferred franchises. If your little one loves nothing more than Lightning McQueen, then you can design the interior like a racetrack. An oval mirror that reflects the décor of the room will enchant your little one. A study table with car seats and themed furnishings will add charm to the room.


d. Unicorn’s Magic

Who doesn’t love unicorns? The magical creatures are one of the most loved mythical beings that have caught the fancy of young ones. Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, and their equally stunning friends have enamoured girls of all ages (including teenagers and adults). Rainbow colours and unicorn-inspired decors can lighten up the room. Including a teepee with fairy lights will make it simply magical!


e. Sports Fan

If your kid is a sports fan, having their room styled like a playground might be the best gift you can give them. With a basketball hoop and a climbing wall within the confines of their room, the child would no longer be a couch potato.


f. Jungle’s Theme

Provide your child with lots of greenery in a forest-themed room. Adorned with green indoor plants and walls with different shades of green, this will be a nature lovers paradise. Having furnishings and furniture in the same theme will increase your child’s love for nature. Tree wall murals along with animal-shaped cushions are a cute addition to the room.


g . Travel-Themed Room

Wish your child to explore the world? The best way to do so is by providing inspiration within the home. Inspired by the wonders of the world, you can opt for a decal of the world map as a backdrop to one of the walls. Having models of important monuments will inspire them to read about and explore the world beyond their room.


h. Aqua World

Almost every kid loves frolicking in water, but some are simply water babies. If your kid cannot wait to hit the pool, having an aqua world-like room would be a dream come true. With deep blue, azure, and sea green shades, you can create the perfect backdrop of the room. Providing a waterbed and numerous cushions in the shape of sea animals would be enchanting. Going with the theme, the furniture could resemble a lifeboat and the rug, like the ocean floor.



With these unique themes, you can easily get your kids’ room interior design done by professionals. However, it is important to discuss your requirements with the designer and ask for sample sketches before going ahead with the interior.

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