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Best Modern Bedroom Design Ideas 2022

Mar 24, 2022 | Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, Urbun Drreams

Returning back to your bedroom, from the daily hustle-bustle of life, is the most peaceful and serene feeling. Thankfully we all have a bedroom to rest in tranquillity. 


The last couple of years were full of stress and unpredictability that made us realise the importance of a comfortable bedroom. Trends are changing everywhere and this year we have some beautiful and trendiest modern bedroom designs that would make your room more aesthetic and relaxing. 


You must stride along if you are renovating your house or looking for some brilliant changes in your room without hurting your pockets. We have listed some best modern bedroom design ideas of 2022 that would make everyone gush about your house in the upcoming get-together. 


Eye-Catching Trendiest Modern Bedroom Designs

When talking about modern bedroom design ideas, you can always spice up your design with a little colour and furniture. Before designing your bedroom, it is important to decide your initial preferences. If you are crazy about lighting you can go for a brightly lit bedroom design or if you prefer a royal touch, a grand chandelier and table lamps is just your thing. Go through the most popular modern bedroom interior design that suits you the best and compliment your house as well. 

Luxurious Bedding Image

1- Luxurious Bedding 

Bedrooms should be the most luxurious part of our daily routine. It is the place you start your day and a beautifully designed bedroom can lift up your mood for the whole day. Choose lush bedding with carpet on the floor. Place an upholstered bed stool and use light-coloured linen sheets. This will give you a 5-star hotel feeling. 


To provide a luxurious vibe do not overfill the room with furniture. Use hanging lamps, an upholstered chair in the farthest corner.     

2- Space-Saving Bedroom Design For Apartments 

Smart spacing is a necessity, especially if you live in an apartment. No one adores a messy house, filled with furniture, a cupboard and other stuff. The best modern bedroom interior design is to opt for a compact bed or a sofa cum bed. Murphy bed can be a trendsetter if you live in an apartment and no one would know what you are hiding behind those sofas! 


You can pull down the bed before sleeping and fold it in the morning. This provides better space for cupboards and keeps your room clutter-free. 

3- Add A Little Storage Area In Your Bedroom 

Modern bedroom designs are compact and work on the concept of functional space. For extra storage of mattresses and blankets, you can add a space no one can ever notice. Use the storage beneath the bed and build racks and shelves to store unwanted clothes and bedroom essentials. The bed bench is also a functional piece, you can add a small bench near the window and use the space beneath as a storage place for pillows and bedsheets. 


Voila! You have a mess-free room with magical storage space. 

4- Add Customised WallPaper Or Designer Ceiling 

To portray a modern bedroom interior design in your house, use customised wallpaper for bedroom walls or ceiling. There are a variety of wallpapers based on nature, modern art, animal prints, starry nights etc. Using illuminating paints on the ceiling to draw a night sky can be relaxing while you sleep. It is easy to get a customised wallpaper based on your colour choice and background preferences. 


Add potted plants, matching curtains and pendant lights for a trendy touch. 

Decorate A Canopy Bed

5- Decorate A Canopy Bed 

A new trend that is highly popular in modern bedroom design is a canopy bed. They are super cute and add height to your room. You could change their look based on your mood. Simple white layers and fairy lights can make the room look cosy and romantic, using velvet curtains over the canopy creates a royal outlook, and a simple frame with a family photograph on the wall gives the room a classy touch. 


Try a cute and whimsical canopy bed, to join the fun trend of beautiful bedroom designs. 

6- Traditional Look For Your Grand Space 

Traditional things never fail to leave an impact, and if you are looking for modern bedroom design ideas, the traditional interior can be your unique option. From jali woodwork to false ceiling, Madhubani paintings, poster beds, and elegant table lamps add a traditional look to your bedroom. Hanging lamps in the shape of Diyas, ceiling lights, and the Kashmiri carpet can be your ultimate picks for a traditional look. 


Finish your ace design with a see-through curtain and light-coloured bed sheets that contrast with walls and paintings. 

Wrap up! 

These are some of the trendiest designs for modern bedrooms. To get a relaxing and luxurious time from your constant work mode, turn towards Urbun Drreams that could make your dream bedroom come true. 


Urbun Drreams is a Mumbai based interior designing company, offering you a dream bedroom within a limited time slot and at an affordable rate. Choose your design and let them bring everything into reality.

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