Difference Between Residential And Commercial Interior Design

Difference Between Residence Interior Design And Commercial Interior Design

Nov 10, 2021 | commercial interior design, residence interior design, Urbun Drreams

Best interior designers often juggle between designing residences and designing commercial spaces. While having a veteran’s experience is mandatory for creating the best interior designs, it is also quite imperative to understand the difference between residence and commercial. While it’s common knowledge that both of these places serve different purposes, it is also interesting to know that the designers change their strategies and approaches while designing both of these places. Let’s understand how.
The residence is where you reside, commercial is where you work. Both of these factors result in a change of ideas and strategies. A residential design must be comfortable, personal, and carry the personal psyche of the owner. Best residential interior designers like Urbun Drreams would dive deep into the subconscious of the owner and pull out the best design that the owner can ask for.
Commercial interior design, on the other hand, must be such that it creates a positive vibe along with comfort for the people working there. Places like offices or restaurants, or even a store must be designed for higher efficiency, easy accessibility, and easy spacing for smoother navigation. The idea here is to maximize the comfort coupled with creating a soothing vibe. So, let’s dive deeper into it and understand major differences while creating such designs.


1. Residential interior design is more personalized.

The residence is where you reside, hence it’s quite obvious that the place must be personalized and must reflect your soul. Best residence interior designers will pull out the best design for you, post analyzing you inside-out. Commercial interior design, on the other hand, will be created in a way that will best compliment your workplace. A design, which will make sure that all of your works get the best justice.



2. Commercial interior designs focus more on providing efficiency

This goes without saying. Commercial interior design will focus extensively on higher efficiency. Since it’s a professional space, the design will be created in a way to make sure that all the work gets carried out in the best possible way. The best commercial interior designers will know exactly what it takes, and what you need, before getting you the best interior design.



3. Residential interior design is warm, informal

After a hectic day at work, the place you dwell must be soothing enough for you to be at ease and relax to the core. The interior designers here will focus more on your personal comfort. Commercial interior design will not put your relaxation on top priority, rather it will focus more on efficiency.



4. Residence interior designs can be modified with more creativity and personal touches

Since it’s the place where you dwell, you can afford the luxury to design your place with your own personal modifications, which need not be the case in commercial interior design. Redesigning your own place, adding modifications, addition or removal of certain items, giving your place a unique look, everything is possible in residential interior design, and when designed by the best interior designers in Mumbai like Urbun Drreams, you can rest assured that it’ll be a major success.


So, these are some of the differences between residential interior design and commercial interior design. While both of them are very important in their respective places, the approach to designing changes to a certain degree, based on the respective space.

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