10 Best Interior Designing Tips for 2021

10 Best Interior Designing Tips for 2023

Nov 26, 2021 | Urbun Drreams, Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, interior design

Your home is a personification of your dreams, and you wish to design it in a stunning way. However, this is easier said than done. Unless you have a clear image of what you want and have the time and resources to get everything you need, you would require lots of help. With numerous interior design ideas at your disposal, this can be a piece of cake for you. This blog will help you with the latest interior designing tips for 2023 to help you select the style which best resonates with your personality. Read the blog to know some interior designing tips.


Interior designing tips to make your home perfect

Designing the interior of your home can be extremely time-consuming. Here are some Interior Designing Tips to help you get the work done easily. These ideas can ensure that your home reflects the best of you…


1. Choose a colour scheme –  One of the first interior designing tips is to choose a colour scheme. Your personality can easily be reflected by the choices you make. Choosing a colour that best resonates with your personality, whether warm or vibrant, is one of the best ways to start interior designing with. Every room can offer a different shade of your personality, making your home a reflection of your persona!


2. Impress your guests with a Welcome lobby –  Another interior designing tips is to create a welcoming lobby. Even before they enter the room, your lobby space hints at what’s in store inside. Instead of creating a clutter of shoes and bags, welcome them with a stylish shoe rack complete with small décor items and potted plants.


3. Do not forget the greens – Who wouldn’t love to look at a bit of greenery. If you lack space for an outdoor garden, decorate your interior with numerous potted plants. With unique and beautiful pots available, the green plants will add a character to any room they fill. These are one of the interior design ideas that you can easily implement.

4. Light up the room –  Another Interior designing tips  is to choose good lights. While choosing a dark colour makes a room look smaller but adequate, and appropriately placed lights can brighten up any space. If you are lucky and have lots of natural light in the room, you should not worry. However, with numerous stunning light fixtures available, you can easily create a bright and vibrant effect.


5. Mirror-mirror on the wall –  Another interior designing tips is to  add mirrors. It also makes the space appear bigger. A huge mirror with an ornately carved frame can be the centrepiece of your room. Not only can it make the room look bigger than it is, but strategically placed lights can enhance the brightness of the room too.


6. Stun them with a designer bathroom – Another interior designing tips is to have a good bathroom. A beautiful dressing room with a well-maintained designer bathroom can be equally attractive. Ultra-modern fixtures, clean tiles, hidden lights, wide mirror, potpourri, scented candles, or aroma lamps along with super soft towels can charm any of the guests. The presence of a couple of air-purifying plants can add a touch of nature to the place.


7. Artworks attract – Another interior designing tips is to put up artwork pieces. While people prefer to invest in gold or shares, the artwork is what your guests can see. Not only does it pay excellent returns, but also displays your love for good things. Moreover, they are great conversation starters. If you dabble in art and are fairly good at it, you can frame your creations to create an art corner in your living room.


8. Have a functional kitchen – Another interior designing tips is to build a functional kitchen. If most of your time is spent in the kitchen, you need to pay more attention here. A good interior design idea if you have limited space is to have an open plan kitchen. Keeping your cabinets stacked and your countertops clean can do the trick. You can opt for lighter colour to provide it with a larger appearance. Using attractive tiles can add a dash of colour to the kitchen.


9. Themes work well – While the classic black and white never goes out of fashion, you can always choose other combinations too. You can choose to have a contrasting bright colour wall to add a dash of pop to the remaining pastel walls. The two-colour décor can be used for furniture and furnishings too.


10. Don’t ignore the guest room –While your home might be a beauty, your guests are likely to spend time in the guest and living room the most. Keeping it warm and welcoming is an assured way to charm them. Adding personal touches including a comfortable bed, beautiful décor, and optimal storage will work wonders.

Here are some interior designing tips that will help you to build a beautiful home.


Interior design ideas that are currently trending


Another interior designing tips is to choose a good interior design idea. While hiring an interior designer can definitely make things easier for you, understanding the terminology is equally important. The most common terms used in interior designing include modern, contemporary, eclectic, minimalist, art-deco, etc. The interior design ideas that are popular these days include:


·Modern interior –  Another interior designing tip is to go for a modern design for your home. Modern designs provide a welcoming feel with open clear spaces and simple colour schemes. You can start with a welcoming foyer that is clutter less. While black and white are the prominent colours used, you can also opt for other prime colours including red, blue, yellow, or green. You can also use other colours that resonate best with you. The use of glass for cabinets and an open floor that provides ample space is a signature of this interior design.

Natural light is usually preferred in this setting. However, the light fixtures that are used highlight the sculpture and fixtures used to decorate the room. This style of interior design is ideal for a practical couple who loves functional spaces.


Contemporary designs – Another interior designing tips is that you can implement a contemporary design as it’s trending. This interior design idea blends styles from several European interior design thoughts and architectures, major among them German and Scandinavian architecture. Here functionality of the space is as important as the décor. Most interior designers use styles that are trending currently.

This styling can be used to decorate the entire house or specific rooms. This type of interior offers an orderly appearance with an open floor plan and natural light. A lot of emphases is given to upcycling with a neutral-toned backdrop teamed up with a bright sofa or painting. The light fixtures can be eclectic, inspired and styled from different eras. Usually, such style reflects a lot of the individuals’ personalities.


Bohemian look – Another interior designing tips, Everything bold, bright, and comfortable can be seen in this type of interior design style. The furniture chosen is usually basic and stripped down with a massive piece of art occupying central space on the wall. Unique centrepieces and eclectic lights frame the room completely. This style usually resonates with the artistic types who prefer modern installations and art forms.


·Functional yet modern look –  Another amazing interior designing tips, This mid-century modern style of interior decoration takes inspiration from the 50s and 60s era. The central idea is to focus on a particular artefact, painting, or furniture. The styling is functional with ample space to move around. Natural play of light is also an integral part of the styling, however, unique light fixtures are used to highlight the centre of the room and make it a focus. Increasing the brightness quotient is the sculptures, and paintings within the room. The use of green plants is also recommended for providing a vibrant and fresh feel.


Minimalist design – Another interior designing tips is to go for a minimalist design. This style of interior design originated in Australia and is popular all around the world. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on keeping a minimalistic approach. Simple furnishing, neutral colour palette, functional accessories, and lots of open spaces are integral features of this interior design style. The approach is utilitarian with everything within the room serving its purpose.


· Scandinavian style –  Another interesting interior designing tips, If you desire simple yet highly functional spaces, this is the best interior décor style. The warm open spaces are inviting and stylish with stunning décor items that are attractive yet minimalistic in approach. The bare layout allows easy movement. Bright lights and simple stylish furniture in a basic colour palette are the highlights of this style.


· Shabby chic – A laid-back person who wishes to look uber chic without making much effort can opt for this interior design idea and decoration style. With airy light fixtures, a mix of vintage décor items and furniture with an antique touch, the room is set. The perfect blend of modern and contemporary, the light plays well off the walls in a naturally lit room. Use of your favourite colours, especially any bright or bold ones will add something of your personality to the room.


· Eclectic interiors – This is a mixed bag styling technique that draws inspiration from various sources. You can style the interior using items procured from different places, belonging to, or inspired from different eras. Mixing different colours, textures, and style elements is what this interior design is all about. However, while mixing, it is important to keep in mind that you do not go overboard and make things garish. Striking a balance of textures, colours, and accessories is essential so that the room does not become an eyesore. This interior design style, when properly done can end up making the room look uniquely fresh and enchanting.


· Industrial design – You might have seen and found this style of designing unique, though you might not have been aware of what it is called. This style has a basic utilitarian approach where the usually hidden components of the house are exposed. Bare walls, pipes, and the use of recycled material are heavy in this interior design style. Usually, elements from warehouses, factories, or industries find use here. Most often, floors have an open plan with furniture arranged in a way to keep things simple. Since things are kept real and raw, the colour palette used here is also neutral.


· Farmhouse style – As the name specifies, you can expect lots of open spaces and greenery along with organic materials used for decoration. Since a farmhouse is usually a place where the owners can have a relaxing time, each room can be designed differently. The minimalistic interior though functional is elegant in style. Usually, matching styles for everything is not recommended for the rustic feel. Wood is primarily used for designing with furniture and décor is furnished out of it. You can mix chic elements with heirloom pieces and modern elements to provide a unique and luxurious home.





So, these were some of the interior designing tips and ideas for 2023. The variations of designing ideas can be quite confusing, however, you need to choose a style that best reflects your personality. Ensure that you research everything before finally deciding on the interior design style.

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