Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for your New Home

Best Bathroom Design Ideas for your New Home

Jun 1, 2022 | Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, interior design, Urbun Drreams

Who doesn’t like a deluxe bathroom in their new home? With so much modernization, no one wants a tiny, cramped, cluttered, and congested bathroom. A cozy bathroom with proper lighting, windows, mirror, taps, and interior designs is the dream of every individual. That’s where we thought of coming up with the best modern bathroom design ideas for your new home.

Without any speck of doubt, your new home is incomplete without having a luxurious and spa-like bathroom. If you are concerned about the tiny space of your bathroom, then all you need is a few modern bathroom designs to make a perfect place for your rest.  In this blog, we’re going to highlight some of the amazing big and small bathroom designs and décor ideas that will be a perfect fit for your compact bathroom. 

Top trendy design ideas for making a luxurious bathroom  

Want to get a spa-like feeling in your own bathroom? Want your bathroom to look modern, deluxe, and luxurious? If yes, here are some modular bathroom design ideas you need to implement. Have a look at these design ideas mentioned below. 

Install a statement mirror

1. Install a statement mirror 

One of the first modular bathroom designs you have on the list is an installation of a statement mirror. No wonder the reflective surfaces like mirrors can easily create an illusion of a large space. So, if you have a small bathroom, mirror designs can be a perfect idea for making any small bathroom look bigger. There is no doubt that most of the bathrooms come with a mirror equipped above the sink. Since you want to open up the space, consider investing in a large statement mirror. It will add charm to your bathroom and make it look trendy and glorious altogether. 


Bring nature inside

2. Greenery – bring nature inside. 

Do you want to get the feel of bathing in a waterfall in a tropical rainforest surrounded by lush greenery? Sounds like daydreaming! Of course you can’t go to a tropical forest every morning, but you can at least add greenery to your bathroom. When we talk about bathroom designs, lush greenery is the most trendy design we have on the list. Not only does it revamp the entire look of your bathroom, but also it will make you feel like being in paradise. Keeping some fancy and potted plants in the bathroom is never a bad idea. 


Moroccan tiles

3. Moroccan tiles 

When it comes to designing your small or large bathroom, tiles can never go off your eyes. It’s not wrong to say that tiles become one of the primary factors in designing the bathroom. That’s where Moroccan tiles are the most amazing way to add some glory, brightness, beauty, and charming colours to your modular bathroom design. The best thing about Moroccan tiles is that they come in different patterns, colour palettes, and designs. Indeed, Moroccan tiles are the simplest way to add a pop of style to your interiors. These bathroom tiles design is going to become a center of attraction in your bathroom. 


Get the best colour theme

4. Get the best colour theme. 

Whether it’s a home interior, office interior, or any building interior, without adding brilliant colour to it, your interior is incomplete. Colours are what brings glory to anything. Therefore, colours become one of the most significant factors in creating an overall look for your bathroom. No matter, whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, painting the bathroom with bold and attractive colours will make the scape look more beautiful and attractive to the eyes. Some of the colours you can consider adding to your bathroom should be:

  • Rustic wonder 
  • Pop of sea blue 
  • Fresh greens 
  • Bold in black 
  • A mix of bright colours 


Design styles of the bathroom

5. Design styles of the bathroom 

Have you ever thought about how your bathroom will look in design? Since we’re talking about design ideas for bathrooms, how can you forget about giving your bathroom a unique and beautiful style? There are plenty of design styles available when it comes to designing a bathroom. Some of the design styles include contemporary design style (perfect for modern bathroom), Scandinavian design (ample use of white), bohemian design (mix-match style look), and traditional design (wood-like finishes, statement lights, and dash of greenery). Choose any of the styles based on your preference to bring the best to your bathroom. 


Beautiful wall designs

6. Beautiful wall designs 

Can you forget the wall when designing your bathroom? Whether it’s a home wall or bathroom wall, painting it with beautiful colours and designs should be your go-to approach. No matter whether your bathroom has a small space or large, the wall helps in creating a stunning look. There are many wall designs you can consider for giving your walls a beautiful look. These wall design ideas include beautiful wallpapers, floating shelves, statement mirrors, greenery, etc. In case you have a small bathroom, you can consider installing floating cabinets, which will help keep the bathroom space clutter-free and provide you with ample storage. 


Final synopsis 

If you have dreamed of a luxurious, beautiful, and cozy bathroom, you have to consider implementing all the above-mentioned modular bathroom design ideas. Now that you have a plethora of bathroom design ideas in your bucket, you can give your bathroom a unique and stylish look. But make you search everything before finalizing any design, style, colour, or wallpaper for your bathroom. In case, you are not able to decide anything about styling and designing, forget not to connect with interior design experts. They will surely help you with everything you need for your bathroom design and style. 

If you’re still struggling with deciding how to design your bathroom, Urbun Drreams is here to help. We’re a renowned interior design company based out in Mumbai. We can help you with the modular bathroom designs, style, and interior you want. In fact, we ensure that all your needs are fulfilled with our innovative design ideas. No doubt, we’re your one-stop solution. You can connect with us to get all our interior design services at affordable prices. With our services, you get the utmost satisfaction. Our clients are our priority. 

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