Latest Drawing Room Design Ideas for 2022

Latest Drawing Room Design Ideas for 2022

Oct 31, 2022 | Living Space

Whether you want to unwind after a long day at work, watch Netflix with friends and family, do morning yoga or attend zoom meetings – your living room has seen it all. Needless to say, your drawing room design deserves a little makeover every now and then. 

2022 is about experimentation, sustainability, trends, and multi-functionality. Combine them to create a unique drawing room design that spruces your living space. You don’t have to go into extreme renovation mode or transform your furniture! Your drawing room design could look innovative even when you play with lights, backdrop, potted plants, spacing etc. 

Keep your eyes out for the drawing room design ideas that are interesting, creative and make your guests swoon over the refreshed look. 


Create A Mesmerising Drawing Room With Latest Design Ideas 

No one likes their living space to look gloomy or dull! To avoid such a feeling, add the most anticipated impression to your drawing room design with these simple ideas:  


Modular Sofa

Modern Marvels 

Modular drawing room design is an ever-evolving and flexible option. The inspiration for modern designs comes from simplistic looks or when you mix and match different pieces and create endless possibilities. In modern or modular ideas, the upholstery design must serve a practical purpose while giving a creative appeal to the space. 

Contrast different fabrics to define your living space. Redecorate your drawing room with different shades that evoke peace and serenity. Earthy tones like cream, off-white, light brown, etc., would make your room look spacious and peaceful.


Bring Nature Home

Bring Nature Home/ Green Goodness

Nothing screams a ‘perfect drawing room design’ like bringing greenery and nature to your living space. As you all know, indoor plants have become an extremely popular way to give houses a clean finish look. You can consider curating different potted plants or evergreen plants around the room to make the space look closer to nature.  

These plants are not only great for a beautiful look but also provide health benefits. Use hanging plants, green potted plants etc., to decorate the space. 


Add Optimistic Appeal

Add Optimistic Appeal 

Most of our day is spent in the living room, and it is the impetus to create a happy environment that could uplift the mood on a daily basis. Using bright coloured lamps, accessories, playful patterned furniture, a place for natural sunlight etc., make the drawing room design very optimistic. 

It’s time to uplift your curtains and let the vibrant hues come in. Decorate your furniture with yellow, blue, red, violet etc., to make a statement. 


Bamboo Chair

Customised Up-Cycling 

Recycling and upcycling create a sense of purpose, creativity and individuality. You can reuse and create old fabrics, products, baskets etc., to accentuate the drawing room design. These sustainable options would augment your artistic side. 

Use bamboo chairs, handmade cushions & cushion covers, tires as stools or chairs etc. This is the best way to customise your living space. 


Curved Furniture

Curved Furniture/ Monochrome Scheme

Classy is the right way to redecorate your drawing room design. The monochromatic or curved design is all about a timeless appeal and owning versatility. Now adopt a chic and architectural impact with geometric design furniture or place the interiors in a way they look enhanced and blend seamlessly with the overall look. 

Grey sofa, furniture inspired by the 60s and 70s look could be the best drawing room design. 


Go Bold With Maximalist Rugs

Go Bold With Maximalist Rugs 

To give a space-changing drawing room design, go bright and bold with maximalist rugs. Rugs or carpets with geometric patterns and bright colours could light up the space from within. This would also provide a sense of personality boost, making you feel confident and energetic. 

Bring a floor-sized, bright rug home and decorate to elevate the drawing room design.


pastel colour interior

Add Pastoral Touch 

Allow the colours to do the talking. In case you are feeling dull or bored with the bright colours, use pastel colours to make your drawing room design look like a beautifully painted canvas. 

You can paint the walls with beautiful looking pastel colours. Decorating the drawing room with a pastel colour curtain, sofa etc., would also work well. 


Urbun Drreams Is Here For All Your Interior Designing Needs 

Are you dreaming of a cosy, luxurious, yet trendy-looking drawing room design? No need to worry, as you can consider all these unique ideas and opt for a stylish drawing room design that matches the vibe of your house. However, you can reduce all the efforts to a minimum by turning toward the experts. Choose different modular furniture designs, potted plants, paintings, backdrop etc. for an appealing drawing room design. 

Now that you are presented with a plethora of ideas, you can finalise your design and connect with Urbun Drreams Interior Design Company in Mumbai. We are a Mumbai-based interior designing and decorating company. You can get a desirable drawing room design within the given time slot and at an affordable rate. We shape your dreams into reality! 

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