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Our homes are our most prized possessions. They are just like our modern-day castles. We live with our family, dine, sleep and entertain our friends and acquaintances. We love to beautify our homes. Beautiful Interior design themes helps us do that. Let us look at some interior design themes that are trending this year. Use them as per your tastes and preferences to get a new and attractive makeover for your home this year.


Interior Design Themes on Trend:


1. Vintage Interior Design Themes

It’s all about embracing the old to get the new look. Old fashioned charm and nostalgia with emphasis on repurposed items are in now. Antique and retro pieces, salvaged items of yesteryear like old rocking chairs, grandfather clocks, and vintage cutlery are popular in this scheme. Embroidery, handmade craft pieces, and paisley prints are heartily embraced. Add rich fabrics and statement lightening to create an interesting contrast and modern note to this theme.

Interior Design Themes


2. Tropical Interior Design Themes

Another popular interior design theme this year is inspired by tropical island havens and breezy green getaways. Maybe this is due to the added stress of being cooped inside during the pandemic. People yearned to go out that has resulted in the popularity of this theme. This theme includes green and brown palettes similar to the greenery and foliage. These also include painting the walls with murals of plants, forests, and animal life. Those having space and sufficient funds can also choose interior courtyards while those with limited space can go for vibrant vertical gardens.

Interior Design Themes


3. Deep Blue Sea

The yearning to go outside and live life to the fullest seeped into other interior design themes this year. Ocean blue and nautical themes are trending this year. This translates into a range of blue colour palettes that include soft aqua, Aegean teal, and deep inky blue shades. Combine this with sailing and boating motifs and rustic furnishings and you have created a calm and peaceful interior with a touch of adventure and seafaring. The only thing missing now is a boat and a captain’s hat.

Interior Design Themes


4. Color Me Deep

Continuing on the above theme, colours are back in a big way this year. Maybe the frustration of working from home for months played a role in this, but we are not complaining. Make plenty of use of warm colours that give a vibrant and bright vibe. These make your place cosy for those drab winter months and also add depth to the space. Dash of peacock blue, sunny yellow, bright red, burnt orange and emerald green make your surroundings a fun and welcoming place.

Interior Design Themes


5. Rustic Chic – Interior Design Themes

Rustic chic is the interior design theme that is finding a whole lot of admirers this time. It provides character and soul to modern-day interiors. Give your old cabinets a makeover. Use reclaimed wood to create panelled walled and floorboards. Emphasis is on the workability and usefulness of the household items, coupled with comfort instead of the polished and finished unused pieces. Create a mixture of old and new with perfect harmony and calm and a lived-in ambience with this theme.

Interior Design Themes


6. Home Office as a Center Point

Work from home is a reality now and so is a home office. Design your home office with crisp and clear lines. It should provide you with a comfortable and welcoming workspace that motivates and inspires your creativity. Install desk lights and get a chair as per your comfort. You can go for ergonomic swivel chairs, leather armchairs, or even chairs with velvet upholstery. Use patterned wallpaper and hang modern artwork for completing the look.

Interior Design Themes


7. Sustainable Interior Design Themes

A trend we want to continue in interior design themes is sustainability. Emphasis is on introducing sustainable practices in design. This includes using durable and hardy furniture, working with renewable materials, and conservation of resources. Sustainable furniture items made of cane, bamboo, and rattan are used. Organic fabrics like cotton and linen and chemical-free colors having natural dyes are in trend and implemented in this theme.

Interior Design Themes


8. Sculptures and Furniture

This theme uses sculptures and shapely furniture in neutral spaces for a striking effect. Install group sculptures on window shelves or behind huge glass showcases. Use furnishings and modern lighting to highlight them. Use shapely and rounded furniture and curved metal vessels for completing the effect.

Interior Design Themes


9. Use of Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is an interior design theme that finds resonance with millennials and designers alike. With a paucity of space in modern-day housing, using multifunctional furniture that can be utilized for various purposes and thus saves space has led to innovation in this space. Nested tools to save space, seating arrangements that when pulled out can be used as beds, dining tables that can be expanded and contracted as per the diners, and workspaces that fold up against the walls are all such examples of multifunctional furniture.

Interior Design Themes

10. Maximalism

Maximalism is being yourself. You are not constrained and follow any specific design guidelines. Elements are mismatched, memorabilia are displayed, contrast patterns and personal touches are introduced. This leads to a fulfilling interior designer journey and helps you own your space and make a personal statement.

Interior Design Themes



So, these are some of the interior design themes that are trending now and will be in vogue next year. Apply these themes while adding your personal preferences to redecorate your home this year. For the best experience, contact Urbun Drreams, the best interior designer in Mumbai.

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