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7 Interior Paint Color Trends 2022

Apr 20, 2022 | Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, interior design, Urbun Drreams

From quirky pink and light sea blue to earthy yellow, selecting the best colour for your home, office, or property will bring peace and positive vibes. Choosing the right colour is always the top priority when looking for interior design. Isn’t it? Whether it’s your home, office, or any other space, the right colour on the walls helps create a healthy and positive environment. Moreover, colours can improve your experience by boosting your mood, increasing your metabolism, making you feel calm, etc. If you’re searching for the right colour to beautify your walls, interior paint color trends 2022 is what you look to pay attention to. 


This blog has listed the top seven interior paint color trends 2022. Make sure to stride through this blog to get the best idea about interior design colours for your home or office.


How to choose the right colour for your home

How to choose the right colour for your home?

Painting your home walls with any random colour will not give you a feeling of satisfaction. A right, attractive, light colour will add glory to the entire home. Many people find it arduous to choose the right colour for their home. Here are a few tips mentioned below that you need to follow in choosing the right living room colours. 

  • First off, do some research on the best interior wall paints and designs.
  • Make sure to keep the wall paint colour neutral and balanced.
  • Use tester paints and paint a large area on different walls to check how it looks.
  • Also, test the colours against your furniture and other elements in the space.
  • Go with a consistent colour theme, but every wall of your home must connect.
  • Go by interior colour palette and home decor colour trends 2022 to see the best results.


How to choose the right colour for your office

How to choose the right colour for your office?

When choosing the right colour for ‘office,’ you may go blank. So, are you wondering which colour will suit your office the most and helps create a positive atmosphere? We have a few suggestions for you to get started. 

  • Before choosing any colour, think about the purpose of your office space; for example, the white share is suitable for offices and banks.
  • Determine the amount of natural light your space gets as it will change the appearance of some colours 
  • Based on the desired temperature, choose the colour. Yes, colours can be hot and cold. Use orange and read to warm up the space and peace to keep it cool. 

According to Feng Shui, colours can psychologically impact workers and visitors. That’s why you need to go with the right colour. 


Cool or warm? how to make the right choice?

As you know that colour is one of the important aspects of painting walls. They can create your mood, evoke memories, make you smile, and relieve stress. But how would you know which colour can evoke what feeling? There are two types of colours – Cool and Warm. Let’s talk about them below. 


Cool Colours

Cool colours 

Cool colours include blue, green, light purple, and pink, reflecting calmness and providing a soothing environment. These colours are suitable for small rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other tiny spaces, and cool colours make you feel calm and refreshed. 


Warm Colours

Warm colours 

Orange, yellow, red, and a combination of these colours are an example of warm colours. Such colours are suitable for dining rooms and large spaces that look more intimate and cosy. You can go with these colours as per your requirements.


Top seven interior paint color trends 2022 for your space 

Top interior design experts have recommended the following colour trends to paint your home or office. Ready to give your space a new vibe and feel? Let’s check out the best interior paint color trends 2022.



1. Inspired by nature – Green 

Green is the most soothing colour to keep your indoor spaces cool and refreshing. Neutral greens will be good for your mental well-being. For nature lovers, greens will be on property interior paint color trends 2022


Bright yellow

2. Create a modern look – Bright yellow 

Yellow is not always dirty, fellow! If you want to make your home look modern or bright, the yellow colour is what you need to paint your home with. The yellow colour works well with luxurious textiles and textured accessories that you can see rising in 2022. 


dark earth tones

3. Bring the outside in – Dark earth tones 

Dark earth tones can do wonders if you wish to give your home or office space a warm and natural look. You can find natural colours like sage green and wood-tone brown in the interior colour palette. Inspired by natural elements, this interior paint color trends 2022 will make a splash. 


Stone Blue

4. A vintage look – Stone blue 

If you love those beautiful blue skies, the colour of stone blue will surely bring that atmosphere inside your home. Delux bright skies will give your home a vintage look. Moreover, the blue colour also represents calmness and deep emotions. 


5. Pleasure giving – Red 

Red colour can create a comfortable environment in your home. Red colour represents luxury and is associated with happiness. Indeed, this colour will be one of the best interior paint color trends 2022


White Colour

6. Create a liveable look – White 

The white colour is quite suitable for office and bank spaces. It is one of the simplest and most soothing shades for wall painting. White colours on walls create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in your space. 


Colour Combination

7. Add freshness with colour combination 

After painting walls with a particular colour, a home interior colour combination will give your home a new look. A combination of different colours like light yellow, pink, and red will refresh your entire room. 

At Urban Dreams Interior Design Company in Mumbai, we have helped clients from diverse industries in selecting the appropriate color scheme for their residential and office spaces. From the house, mansion, bungalow to commercial space, we know which colour will suit your space the best. With our team of professional designers, we’re here to assist you in serving your needs in finding the right colour for your home and office. Call us today at +91 77 1581 1582! For beautifying your space with the right colours.

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