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Latest Kitchen Design Styles for 2022

May 30, 2022 | best modular kitchen designers

Someone said, ━ “You are what you eat”. Now imagine the place where you cook. An impressive kitchen design styles is a great way to eat healthy and delicious food. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it should reflect your personality, choices, and lifestyle. 

When we think of interior kitchen design styles, there are a lot of aspects that come to mind. First, the layout of the kitchen ━ open or closed kitchen, then the shape of the kitchen ━ , whether it should be round, L-shaped, or parallel, the design ━ modular, simple, or traditional, and the theme ━ wooden-touched or earthy texture. 

With the ever-changing kitchen design styles, you might find yourself confused while choosing the right kitchen style for your home. A variation of innovative technology and creative ideas has been introduced to give an alternative to the kitchen styles. But some kitchen styles are always in trend. 

In this post, we will be focusing on the most incredible kitchen ideas that will inspire your next kitchen decoration and never be out of fashion. 


Give your kitchen a unique look with these latest kitchen design styles

We have shortlisted different kitchen styles to satisfy every type of design preference. Consider your favourite design to give your kitchen an all-new look. 


Marble kitchen design

1. Marble: Evergreen kitchen design styles

Marble is an evergreen interior design that creates an elegant and beautiful ambience around your kitchen. With solid colour choices and shiny textures, marble is the most preferred choice among designers and customers. It not only brings a sense of high-end luxury, it also combines perfectly with the furniture and metal-like faucets and polished surfaces. Therefore, using marble in your kitchen is undoubtedly an eye-catching and stylish design that tops the kitchen design styles trends list. 


Wall-to-wall Cabinet

2. Wall-to-wall Cabinet: Efficient for small kitchen space

If you are looking for a more efficient and stylish look in your kitchen, consider a wall-to-wall cabinet interior design. Wall-to-wall kitchen design styles eases your day-to-day life in the kitchen and gives a neat look. The multiple cabinets in a row reduce the need to move from one place to another to grab something. Every necessary item will be within reach of your hand. Wall-to-wall cabinets are not only spacious, but it creates a level of neatness in the kitchen. Overall, it is a very efficient kitchen interior design and an ideal option for smaller kitchen spaces. 


Pure White Interior Colour

3. Pure White Colour: Never go out of trend

White is a timeless colour, known for its simplicity and peace. So there is no surprise that white will be popular throughout the generations, especially in the modern kitchen styles. The white colour not only brings peace and calmness with it,  but it creates a happy environment around you. Although it requires extra care and attention, once it is done, you will not require to replace the items as it never gets dull. Moreover, white is also easy to change. Unlike any other colour, you do not need to take out the paint to get your cabinets and walls repainted. From countertop, tiles, and cabinets to lighting fixtures, get everything white for a modern kitchen design styles. 


rustic design

4. New Rustic: Idea for bigger kitchens 

The new rustic design brings a sense of soberness to the kitchen space. This kitchen design styles consists of natural colours and neutral elements that bring nature inside your kitchen. Ideal for the larger kitchens, the new rustic interior design idea gives a bold look to your kitchen. For those searching for mountain chalets and a dusty look, a new rustic design will help you decorate your kitchen. This is one of the kitchen ideas that will pull nature to your kitchen in a modern way. For a more natural look, add indoor plants to the nook and cranny of your kitchen. 


Wooden Finish

5. Wooden Finish: For modern kitchens design styles

After the white colour, the wood finish is also everlasting. If you are looking for modern kitchen ideas, give your space a wooden touch. Not only does it brings natural elements inside your kitchen, but it provides the most sophisticated look to the overall interior design. With the latest kitchen design styles, wood finishes are slowly reviving the modern kitchens. This newly popular wooden kitchen design is slightly lighter than oak or walnut. They are perfect for kitchen cabinets to achieve a trendy look. 


colourful interior

6. Mix & Match: Create a rainbow style 

An inexpensive and straightforward way of creating a modern kitchen is opting for a mix and match the theme. From appliances to walls, cabinets, faucets, decorative items, and flooring, everything in the kitchen should be colourful to make it impressive. There is no denying that colours brighten up the space and make the environment happy. A colourful theme is one of the popular kitchen ideas as it is budget-friendly and brings a range of colours to the kitchen. This kitchen design styles can never go wrong for a modern look. 


Contemporary Style

7. Contemporary Style: Give a mix of elements

Contemporary is the latest kitchen design styles that won’t go out of trend for the next decade. When we talk about the contemporary style, we mean mix and match elements. You might look for the different fixtures, furniture, and faucets for the modern kitchen design style, but getting a contemporary style in your kitchen is extremely easy. Simply choose the design, colour, and style of your choice and arrange them in a way that complements each other. This is particularly among the best kitchen ideas if you are looking for modern kitchen designs.


Whether you are upgrading the existing kitchen or creating a kitchen design styles for a new one, there is no doubt you must be looking for unique and evergreen kitchen ideas. Explore exclusive kitchen designs at Urbun Drreams to create a sophisticated look in your kitchen. We understand the personal needs of an individual in the kitchen. Therefore, we provide tailor-made services to our customers to achieve their desired look. Whatever design or look you want in your kitchen, explain them to our designers, and they will put life into your imagination. With our interior designing services, we make your journey of designing your home easy and successful. Contact us for more detailed information! 

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