Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas To Consider For Your Kitchen

Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas To Consider For Your Kitchen

Jul 29, 2022 | Modular Kitchen Design, residence interior design

Kitchen renovation is a complicated process as it includes setting up kitchen flooring, appliances, plumbing, and electricity so that all things work safely. While considering remodelling a kitchen, opting for one of the best kitchen flooring ideas is essential because kitchen flooring covers approximately 10-15% of the kitchen renovation budget. Selecting one of the best kitchen flooring ideas is something you should do before setting up the bench tops and appliances. Being puzzled among plenty of options for kitchen flooring ideas is evident; therefore, we have sorted a list of the best modern kitchen flooring ideas below. 


Hardwood Flooring

1. Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood is still the most sought-after choice, one of the most conventional kitchen flooring ideas. Though hardwoods are not entirely waterproof, they are adequately water-resistant if proper finishing is done. The best thing about hardwood kitchen flooring is that it offers the flexibility of refinishing to revamp its appearance, especially when you need a slight kitchen renovation and don’t want to alter the entire surface. Hardwood can be installed in diverse patterns like tile flooring for added benefits. Moreover, they are recyclable and sustainable flooring solutions. 


Vinyl Flooring

2. Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring witnessed a tremendous demand in recent years due to the stylish advancements it receives. Engineered vinyl flooring is one of the best kitchen flooring ideas available in tiles and stone as it can replicate the appearance of hardwood. This type of flooring is entirely waterproof and considerably easy to clean. As vinyl flooring is softer than other options like tile flooring or marble flooring, it gives a springy and comfortable feel underfoot. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it can be installed without flooring experts.  


Cork Flooring

3. Cork Flooring 

Cork flooring is comparatively new and one of the budget-friendly kitchen flooring ideas. You can purchase cork flooring as glue-down or peel-off and stick form, which looks like tile or plank. Distinct from other kitchen flooring ideas, cork doesn’t give a cold feel and delivers a soft and springy feel to feet while walking. The cork has characteristics to absorb sound, so it is a suitable option for those looking for sound-proof kitchen flooring. Available in a range of brown and grey shades, cork flooring resists stains effectively. 


Concrete Flooring

4. Concrete Flooring 

The word concrete may sound too harsh for a residential place, but concrete flooring is one of the most durable kitchen flooring ideas. You may opt for stained concrete to give the kitchen floor a look like tiles, stone, or wood. If sealed properly during the installation, concrete flooring is completely waterproof. Stylish mats can be utilised on the flooring near the sink or dishwasher to avoid moisture. Affordable price is the biggest perk of concrete flooring; therefore, it is much more cost-effective than other kitchen flooring ideas. Advancements would help it look like something else; it will give a rich appearance to the floor.  


Bamboo Flooring

5. Bamboo Flooring 

Similar to cork flooring, bamboo flooring is done with sustainable yet natural resources; therefore, bamboo flooring is one of the eco-friendly kitchen flooring ideas. However, bamboo is a plant; it can effectively work as hardwood flooring. As a natural floor covering, it has the ability to resist common conditions in a kitchen, like small changes in temperature, moisture, and humidity. Bamboo is durable and versatile enough to withstand changing conditions. You can opt for a solid, engineered, woven bamboo kitchen floor as per your suitability.  


Terra Cotta Flooring

6. Terra Cotta Flooring 

Technically, terra cotta is a ceramic material made using a specific reddish clay that gives it the signature colour shade and the distinctness that it actually has. The colour variation in terra cotta ranges from coffee shade to charcoal. If you picked the terra cotta flooring among the several kitchen flooring ideas you have, make sure to utilise a high-density material because low-density materials are permeable and are prone to stains and water damage. Such kitchen flooring will give a vintage feel to your kitchen, and its rustic look is unmatched. 


Linoleum Flooring

7. Linoleum Flooring 

When evaluating different kitchen flooring ideas, homeowners prefer linoleum flooring due to its time-tested durability. This type of flooring is extremely versatile and long-lasting. Moreover, it can work in each room in the house along with the kitchen to give a particular theme to home decor. Linoleum flooring is made using renewable natural materials, and it may vary as per the manufacturer. Apart from that, linoleum flooring is available in a diverse range of colours, styles and patterns. 


Terrazzo Flooring

8. Terrazzo Flooring 

If you believe in the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home, then you can make a statement in your kitchen with terrazzo flooring. It is one of the most exquisite kitchen flooring ideas that blends the magnificence of marble chips with an epoxy binder to create a handmade masterpiece. Such kitchen flooring is durable enough to bear the liquid drops, temperature, and impact of dropped knives. The most crucial thing about Terrazzo flooring is that it can be easily wiped or cleaned. 


Final Words 

If you own a place or residence, you would know the importance of the kitchen in a home. To be honest, the kitchen is the centre spot of a home where all family members gather from time to time. Therefore, homeowners ensure that their kitchen flooring is waterproof, durable and appealing at the same time. The selection of the most suitable one among plenty of kitchen flooring ideas should be made based on these factors. Whatever idea you choose for your kitchen flooring, you will need expert assistance to execute your idea precisely. Urbun Drreams can be your design partner while transforming or renovating your kitchen. 

We are a Mumbai-based interior designing firm that lets you own your dream place in reality. With our profoundly experienced designing team, we ensure to deliver optimum quality through our services and do our best to match your expectations with your budget. Whether you need to create a modular kitchen or just want to renovate your existing kitchen, we are just a call away!

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