10 Best Living Room Decor Ideas to Remake the Living Space

10 Best Living Room Decor Ideas to Remake the Living Space

Jun 23, 2022 | Living Space

Living Room Decor Ideas to Remake the Living Space 

A living room must be excellent not only in terms of appearance but also in functionality and comfort as we spend a considerable amount of time in our living area. Ensuring your living room is up to these standards is quite challenging, but we have compiled a list of the best decor ideas to help you embellish your living room without any hassle. Our living room decor ideas are combined with in-depth advice from expert designers so that you can have inspiration for your next living decor project.


Utilise sloped ceilings

1. Utilize sloped ceilings to the fullest  

If there is an area in your living room that looks weird due to the unusual shape of the ceiling over it, with just a few add-ons, you can make it aesthetically appealing. You can place a box or container in that unusual area created due to the sloped ceiling to extend the storage space or turn that space into a decorative area by putting some ornamental items. You should work with that awkward area, not against it, to transform your living room into a unique space, unlike any other standard living room.  


Add a classic carpet

2. Add a classic carpet to your living space 

If your pocket doesn’t allow you a new flooring, you can add class to your living room by adding a comfortable carpet. Choose a colour that compliments your living room colour scheme—creating a sitting zone or relaxation area in the room and covering its floor with a classic rug design. Adding a carpet based on a patterned design is perfect for creating a restful living area. 


adding a bookshelf

3. Smarten up the living room with a bookshelf

Looking for living room decor ideas? Try adding a multicolour bookshelf decorated with stickers and pattern designs to your living room. You can either get a cost-efficient plane bookshelf through an online furniture store and then decorate it with different paints, or ask your carpenter to build one for you. If you are a bookworm, then it is the perfect place to arrange your book collection; you can utilise the shelf to place various decorative items.


Single Colour

4. Paint your living room head-to-toe in a single colour

One of the trendy living room decor ideas is painting all the walls, woodwork and ceiling in a single colour for an enticing modern age living room. Now, you might wonder how a solo colour will interplay with the room’s light? Mid-tone colours would work well if you have chosen to paint your living room with a single colour. This trend would work suitably with beautiful architectural features in a mint and stylish way. 


Match walls with furnishings

5. Match walls with furnishings 

Another addition to our living room decor ideas is matching walls with the colour of your furniture. If you are fond of a particular colour, try mirroring it throughout your living room. For instance, combine rose pink sofas with pink walls or use green wallpapers to compliment your olive sofa. Colour matching is the ultimate fun and a way to symbolise your personality in your living room. You can place decorative accessories like greenery, lamps, artistic pots etc. to add magnetism to your living space. 


Use natural inspirations

6. Use natural inspirations for indoor embellishment 

If natural greenery entices you, then this one of the trendy living room decor ideas is for you. Use raw materials and nature-inspired wallpapers to transform your living room into an indoor forest. Nature-rich ambience plays a vital role in rendering relaxation and minimising stress. You can’t be in the woods or surrounded by the natural greenery all the time, so it’s time to bring the outdoors in. Use real plants or choose a botanical wallpaper print for your living room walls, to create a relaxing ambience in your living room.  


Choose multiple shades of the same colour

7. Choose multiple shades of the same colour 

One of the modern living room decor ideas is painting different spots of your living room with multiple shades of the same colour. It’s been a top trend in modern living rooms which will be carried on for the next couple of years. If yellow is the colour that entices you the most, then try gold, lemon and mustard colours for your ceiling, walls and furnishings respectively.  


Express your artistic persona

8. Express your artistic persona 

Make your living space come alive with expressive artwork that turns the walls into a colourful story. Go large-scale with a single statement piece and place it behind your sofa for optimum impact, or try a painting gallery wall idea with a mesmerising display of artistic works in various styles and sizes. This one of the classic living room decor ideas will reflect your artistic personality and will create a long-lasting impact on visitors. 


Neutral backdrop with floral furnishings

9. Neutral backdrop with floral furnishings 

However, there are many living room decor ideas for a contemporary feel, but using floral covers for furnishings is something that will make your living space stand apart from other modern living rooms. The walls with neutral colour schemes will let your furniture covered with floral pattern textile, take the centre stage. Moreover, you can choose floral patterns complimenting the backdrop for maximum impact. 


immersive ambience with strategic lighting

10. Create an immersive ambience with strategic lighting 

Multifunctional living rooms serve many functions, but eventually, they should be the cosiest space where loved ones can relax and spend quality time together. And the lighting pattern is critical for making a perfect atmosphere. From dawn to dusk, brighten your living room lighting and blend surrounding designs to impact the mood of your living space when you need it. Try to incorporate other common living room decor ideas like placing illuminative lamps, greenery and antique art pieces. 


Final Words 

There is a multitude of ways to embellish your living space that you can utilise to transform the living space. We believe that the above-mentioned living room decor ideas would be valuable for you and will give you inspiration for your next living room decor plan. Many of these ideas would require the assistance of professional interior designers and if you are planning to implement one of these ideas to remodel your living room, you can count on Urbun Drreams. We are a professional interior designing firm that has expertise in turning dreams into reality. Whether you need interior designing services, customised furniture designing or office interior designing services, we are the most suitable and efficient solution for you.

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