Discover Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom 2023

Best Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom 2023

Jul 25, 2022 | Bedroom Design Ideas

Open shelves, cupboards, and almirahs are the traditional ways that people used for organising their clothes. In the modern era, the need to have an ultimate closet that can complement the bedroom is very much in trend.  Any type of wardrobe is useful in storing clothes. However, the desire to have a modern wardrobe for the bedroom has become a top priority for people today. 

Presently, wardrobes are not just considered to be a space for storing clothes but have become an epitome of luxury and status symbol. The emergence of modern wardrobe designs for bedroom is regarded as a miracle in today’s ultra-modern houses. Having a designer and modern wardrobe that compliment the colour of your bedroom will beautify your overall space. 

If you’re on the lookout for modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom, Urbun Drreams is here with a plethora of design ideas. The unique designs will compel you to get them installed in your bedroom right away! 

Today, every homeowner desires to have a home which is stylish, luxurious, splendid, and modern. Installing a wall-attached wardrobe in the bedroom is what will glorify your house. Not only will the wardrobe keep your clothes organised, but it will also look pleasing to the eyes. Here are the ultimate and trendy modern wardrobe designs for bedroom 2022 that will help you achieve the desired look. 

Coloured wardrobe design with Study

1. Coloured-wardrobe design with Study

Having a coloured wardrobe that can compliment your bedroom will be ideal to cherish the look. Whether the wall of your bedroom is pink, red, orange, sea blue, or any other colour, a pretty wardrobe with a dressing wardrobe is ideal to reflect more natural light as possible. Further, you can install a big mirror in the wardrobe that will help you see your #OOTD (outfit of the day) look before stepping out of the house. For any homeowner, this is among the top-most modern wardrobe designs for bedroom. 


Dressing table attached with modern wardrobe

2. Dressing table attached with Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

A modern wardrobe is always incomplete without having a dressing table attached. If you want to get a celebrity experience, this is going to be one of the best modern wardrobe designs for bedroom. In this walk-in wardrobe area, a full-length mirror will help you see the outfits in all their glory. Apart from that, the drawers above the mirror will make it easier for you to apply make-up without any hassle. 


Wall-to-wall wardrobe

3. Wall-to-wall wardrobe along with dressing table design 

This ultra-look modern wardrobe designs for bedroom with the dressing table will charm you and add aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. Regardless of the colour of the wardrobe, a well-placed full-length mirror with a dressing table will make this wardrobe design look appealing. Moreover, you can also enjoy getting ready in a corner by looking in the mirror to see your full outfits. Whether your bedroom is small or large, you can still have a dressing corner making your space comfortable. This is going to be among the amazing modern wardrobe designs for bedroom that you would love. 


Wardrobe with dressing table next to the window 

4. Wardrobe with dressing table next to the window 

Another one of the best modern wardrobe designs for bedroom you have on the list is installing a wardrobe with a dressing table by the window. Having a designer wardrobe next to the window makes you feel refreshed and soothed. The advantage of having a wardrobe near the window is that it occupies less space. Further, a simple statement mirror will make a huge difference, especially when you can find accessories right behind, even if the power gets cut off. This trendy design is quite suitable for small homes that can’t afford to lose space with extra modular furniture


Walk-in closet cupboard design

5. Walk-in closet cupboard design 

The best part about having a walk-in closet is that it makes the space look very tiny yet occupies a large space. If you paint this closet with shiny golden colour, it will give an oomph factor making it stand out in your bedroom. This kind of wardrobe is tucked into an alcove with parallel storage for optimal space. Further, the dressing area is filled with lights to make the corner bright and all shiny. Indeed, this modern wardrobe designs for bedroom comes with handy drawers to store essential items. 


Vanity mirror next to the wardrobe 

6. Vanity mirror next to the wardrobe 

This modern wardrobe design is ideal for those who do not want to install a mirror in their wardrobe. If you’re one of them, then installing a vanity mirror next to the wardrobe is what you will like the most in your bedroom. The fact is that a mirrored wardrobe door requires space and can fit into small bedrooms with ease. If there is no shortage of space in your bedroom then you can go with a vanity mirror without disturbing the flow of the wardrobe. Are you planning to go with one of the top modern wardrobe designs for bedroom? 


All-white wardrobe

7. All-white wardrobe 

Do you want to make your wardrobe look bright and shine drenched in white colour? Having a white-coloured wardrobe complementing your bedroom walls will make an aesthetic appeal to your space. A wardrobe inserted in an alcove of the wall will make it easy to sit and get dressed in a jiffy. Moreover, it can be a perfect corner or desk for you to just spend some time.  You can also add some knickknack holders and a table mirror to make a pretty wardrobe and dressing table combination. Indeed, this will become one of the ideal modern wardrobe designs for bedroom in 2022. 


How Urbun Drreams can help you? 

Urbun Drreams Interior Design Company in Mumbai is an eminent interior designing firm based in Mumbai, India. As the name suggests, we’re here to convert your dream into reality. If you’re planning to install a modern wardrobe design for your bedroom, we have a committed team of interior designers to create a visually stunning yet highly effective wardrobe. We ensure the highest quality of services to get 100% customer satisfaction. Whatever modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom you’re looking for, we’re here to turn your imagination into reality. Let us work for you and add beauty to your bedroom with our exceptional team of interior designers.

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