10 Brilliant Wall Paint Design Ideas

10 Brilliant Wall Paint Design Ideas

Jul 27, 2022 | Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, interior design

Walls have the power to set the tone of a room; wall painting is the ultimate way to renovate a room quickly and cost-effectively. Therefore, you can try innovative wall paint designs and patterns to maximise the walls’ impact on the overall appearance of a room or home. Many amazing wall paint design ideas allow you to turn ordinary walls into sensational works of art. We have curated a list of ten brilliant wall paint design ideas that you can try to embellish walls in your home that no one can resist staring at. 


trendy wood strip panel

1. Dress up your walls with trendy wood strip panel 

Often termed ‘the fluted panel’, the wood strip panel is one of the simplest and most elegant wall paint ideas. The panel is created using WPC (Wood-plastic composite) and is available in various colours based on the wood type, such as Oak, Pine, Walnut and Teak. It is one of those wall paint design ideas that not only please our eyes but give us a cosy feel. The wood strip panel would be great for those who wish to make their room soundproof. 



2. Create elegant vibes with wainscoting 

Wainscoting is one of the most influential and popular wall paint design ideas. It includes installing frames and panels along the top and base of the wall to create a framing skeleton. This wall paint design idea is suitable for those who wish to add charm to their room’s interior. However, many people consider wainscoting a vintage and conventional technique for designing a wall. If you wish to create vintage vibes within your space, you should try this wall paint design idea.  


Wall Texture Painting

3. Need special effects? Try texture painting 

Texture painting is one of those wall paint design ideas that is gaining popularity daily. Often known as decorative paints, they are paints that provide interesting effects and textures to your walls. In contrast to regular paint, texture paints are luxurious wall treatments with various colours and textures ranging from metallic to velvet and gritty. Texture paints result in a luxurious ambience that allows your individuality to shine through.


Venetian Plaster

4. Recreate ancient Roman times with Venetian plaster 

People may categorise Venetian plaster as a type of texture paint, but it has its history, legacy and elements; therefore, it should have its category. Reports say that Venetian plaster designs have been used since the era of the ancient roman empire. Hence,  this one of the antique wall paint design ideas is physically and aesthetically enduring. The painting material for this fantastic wall design is prepared using natural ingredients like lime and marble dust. Venetian plaster design can glow up the walls with a natural texture of marble. This wall paint design’s significant perk is that it controls humidity, absorbs carbon dioxide, and is completely free from toxic elements. 


Lime Paint

5. Give a timeless look to walls with lime paint

Lime paint or lime wash is one of the eco-friendly wall paint design ideas that deliver a timeless appearance to the walls and health and durability advantages. Lime paint, when applied with brushes or sponges, gives a lovely, mineral-like texture that is more sophisticated than regular paint. What results is a gentle, aged, and realistic movement impression on your wall that only improves with time. It is also a healthier and better alternative than regular paint because it is manufactured from natural components.


Rustic Wall Paint

6. Develop a rich metal appeal with a rust effect 

Rapidly becoming the hottest trend in design, rustic wall paint is one of the wall paint design ideas that are suitable for those who dare to try something out of the box. While experimenting with various techniques and materials, experts value the natural and realistic look. The rust effect is ideal for making a strong statement on industrial-style display walls in sophisticated settings.


regular paints

7. Put your shapes on the wall with regular paints 

It’s time to give regular paints some respect, because shape painting is done by mixing various colours and shapes, all using regular paint. It not only promotes innovation, but it is also fun to do and economical.  Not to mention that it provides a bit of flexibility for creativity and allows you to express your style! Shape painting, which has been around for a while, is ideal for individuals who want a little weirdness in their house!


Dado Rail

8. Make your two-tone wall with dado rail

Two-tone walls with a dado rail running between the colours are one of the most popular wall paint design ideas to revamp a space. A dado is an architectural border that is typically seen in most Georgian, Victorian, and Imperial homes that have had historical characteristics retained or restored. They are utilised in contemporary design to offer a distinction between the lower and top portions of a wall as well as a great chance to employ different wall paintings or colours inside the same area.


Restaurant type paint

9. It is good to follow your restaurant 

Borrowing wall paint design ideas from your favourite restaurants is an amazing way to introduce a little bit of social vibes to the home. Such wall paint design ideas are quite simple; all you need is a container of paint, brushes, a pencil, and some skills. You could get precise with tape, but for restaurant-type designs, keeping yourself innovative is great.  Gently outline your artwork with a pencil before beginning to paint.


bright accent colours

10. Revive old furniture with paint 

Wall paint design ideas intended to revive old furniture with bright accent colours to bring a new life to the home are smart choices. Furniture can be renewed with bright yellows, vibrant blues, passionate reds, and deep lush greens. They will go well with the trendy navy blue and grey neutral shades that we are seeing in a lot of modern houses these days. 


Final words 

Precise implementation of the wall paint design idea is equally important as picking up the right idea. Without the right skills and equipment, it is never easy to execute your wall paint design ideas. Moreover, there is always a chance of messing up. Expert hands can significantly help you in turning your wall decor ideas into reality. Urbun Drreams is an interior designing firm that can be your wall paint design partner. We offer reliable services for interior home designs and home renovation, and specialise in fulfilling the customised needs of customers. 

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