Minimalist Living Room : 10 Tips To Create Cozy Living Room

10 Awesome Tips for Creating a Minimalist Living Room

Dec 19, 2022 | Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, Living Space

The living room is the heart of every home, where you can chill and spend quality time with family and friends. It must give serene and warm vibes when you walk through the door. So, decorating a minimalist living room that is calm, comfortable, and stylish is an arduous task. What comes to your mind while painting a picture of a minimalistic living room? Do your visuals comprise gleaming interiors, no bright colours, ultra-contemporary furniture, or a single piece of extraordinary artwork on the walls? This is the image most people have when they think about minimalism.

We know that creating a dream minimalist living room is not a cup of tea; therefore, in this blog, we have brought you the top ten tips to help you out to create a stunning minimalist living room. Stay along with the blog till the end. Let us help you elevate your minimalist living room without compromising style with these ten tips mentioned below. 


Minimalist Living Room

Start By Asking Yourself “Why” 

The first step to creating a minimalistic living room is asking yourself- why do you want to create a minimalist living room and not maximalism? By creating a minimalistic living room, you must ensure that it can help you lead an intentional life. Further, having a clear vision of life and core values will clarify items to keep in the living room and those not.


Minimalist Living Room

Declutter All The Way

Minimalism itself says, ‘living with less and limited items,’ which calls for decluttering. Is there anything in your living room that you haven’t used for years? If not, then get rid of them immediately. Whatever items you have kept in your living room should serve a purpose – either emotionally, functionally, or aesthetically.  


Minimalist Living Room

Rest The Purpose Of What You Own

Halt right there if you’re planning to buy new items or furniture for your living room! Since we’re talking about creating a minimalist living room, try to reuse and repurpose what you already own. You can give an aesthetic appeal and touch to your living room by reusing old items and creating something extraordinary. Not only will it save you money, but it will also excellently highlight your style. 


Minimalist Living Room

Find Purpose For Everything You Buy

If you don’t want to reuse old items, then buying new ones is the only option left to create a minimalist living room. But be mindful when buying new items or furniture for your living room. How will it help you? When you buy items with a minimalistic mindset, you don’t purchase unnecessary pieces. Also, ask yourself a few questions; will this benefit my home? Is it useful? And so on. 


Minimalist Living Room

Decorate With Your Personal Touch

Another tip for creating a minimalist living room is decorating the space by adding a personal touch. You will surely have your favourite items and furniture, so why not use these items to flaunt your style and personality? You can arrange wall paintings, artwork, family photos, books, candles, etc., to make them aesthetically pleasing to you and your guests.  


Minimalist Living Room

Go Antique & Timeless 

Nothing looks more appealing and charming than antique and timeless items. Do you agree? Decorating space with time and antique items is the best technique to create a minimalistic living room. So when it comes to décor and furniture, always pick well-made antique pieces that will stand in your living room, giving you positive and classic vibes. 


Minimalist Living Room

Choose Simple Artwork

Simplicity makes you unique – this is true when creating a minimalist living room. If you love the artwork and are fond of it, then always go with simple artwork. Even if you have an art collection, don’t exhibit the whole collection; rather, smartly store the pieces and display them once at a time. It will give you good vibes while spending time in the living room. 


Minimalist Living Room

Concealed Storage 

Can you put all your items on display? No, you can’t; that’s where concealed storage comes in. You can tuck away household utilities, such as light bulbs, batteries, paper files, and cords, into small bins and baskets. You can buy a built-in storage unit to make your home feel airy and minimal. 


Minimalist Living Room

Utilise Negative Space

What is negative space? Is this your question? Negative space refers to empty space, which adds glory to the positive space in the room. This space depicts the beauty and simplicity of your entire home. In order to create a minimalist living room and evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity, add indoor plants and pieces of artwork in the negative space. 


Minimalist Living Room

Think Big For Your Decor

Living room decor should be appealing and breathtaking, right? Since you are creating a minimalist living room, you must invest in larger items rather than smaller decor pieces. It is also because large items make a powerful impact on the eyes and create a simple yet stunning space for you. 

In Conclusion, With these effective tips you can create a minimalist living room that is stunning. Want to convert your dream into reality? Count on Urbun Drreams. As a prominent interior designing firm, we have a team of professional designers to help you create the minimalist living room you dream of. We ensure to offer 100% customer satisfaction with our services. So, connect with us today. 

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