Amazing Office Table Designs to Try in 2023

Latest Office Table Design to Try in 2022

Oct 21, 2022 | commercial interior design

Who doesn’t like an aesthetically beautiful-looking office? Everyone wants that, right? The office decor is not just defined by the interiors but also by the furniture used in the office, including chairs and tables. Whether it’s a small office or large, quirky office tables and chairs designs will always complement it.

Companies need to incorporate workstation solutions that will amplify the office design and help them boost collaboration and connection between two different departments. As a business owner, if you’re looking to upgrade your office workstation, then following office table design ideas in 2022 will help you get the desired look for your office.  

Here in this blog, we will cover the top ten modern and unique office table designs that go well with every office. Read more to know the amazing office table designs.


10 Office Table Designs: Revamp Your Professional Space

Since an average office worker spends hours at the workplace, office tables should be comfortably designed to prevent any health risk from prolonged sitting. To help you find the best office table designs, we have curated a rundown of the top office table designs for a comfortable workspace. 

Oval Office Table

1. Oval Office Table

The first office table design we have on the list is an Oval-shaped table that can never go out of trend. Not only do these tables look modern and fashionable, but they are also spacious. The table is massive and comes with an intricate design carved on the edges of the table.

Further, there are storage shelves on both sides of the table to store essential documents. The oval-shaped office table will be ideal for placing in the reception area or in cabins. 


Home Office Table

2. Home Office Table

Are you working from home? A home office table design is what will help you stay organised. The home office table helps you keep your work belongings tidy, easily accessible, and always in the same place. Further, you can use any coloured table without any gaudy decors that will provide a clutter-free space with a side table to place a printer. This is the best office table design you can have at home or office. 


U Shaped Office Desk

3. U-Shaped Office Table

In an office, a director’s cabin holds a separate place, and to make the space more appealing and charming; a U-shaped office table will be the best choice. This is the modern office table design, which is made using stainless steel or wood.

The U-shaped office table is quite durable and can give a unique appeal to your office. Since this type of table comes with an array of storage options, it will help you keep important documents in a neat and clean way. 


Off-the-peg Table

4. Off-the-peg Table

Looking for a coffee table or plant stand to keep in the living area in your office? An off-the-peg table should be your ideal choice. This type of table looks quite luxurious and is perfect for office decor. These tables are small and can be kept in the living and reception areas. You can use these tables to enhance both the utility and beauty of your office. 


PVC Office Table

5. PVC Office Table

PVC is a solid plastic that is highly used for office furniture because this plastic is damage resistant. This office table is pretty durable, lightweight, and can be moved easily. Further, this table is ideal for reception and cabins. Indeed, this office table design is perfect for an elegant office interior that will add charm to the office.


Contemporary Office Table

6. Contemporary Office Table

This office table is usually made of wood and leather that will add charm to a contemporary office space. The cutting-edge design makes it suitable for a push work area, and another striking feature of this table is that it comes with a rich veneer charcoal finish, unlike the natural wooden finish. The table also comes with in-built wire management that helps keep the workspace clutter-free. 


Convertible Zigzag Office Table

7. Convertible Zigzag Office Table

The most attractive and classy office table design is the zigzag office table. This is quite a fascinating and unique table, used majorly for conferences, discussions, and brainstorming sessions. The advantage of using this table is that it can be shrunk and expanded as per your needs and requirements. The Zigzag office table is best for start-ups, small offices, or people working from home. 


Steel Office Table

8. Steel Office Table

Steel office tables are highly used in almost all government offices and banks since they are easy to maintain. As the name suggests, the legs of the tables are made of steel, which gives them a subtle shine with a four-tiered drawer on one side. The tabletop is made of wood with a good finish, and this table provides a workspace and will give your workspace a classy look.


Executive Office Table

9. Executive Office Table

One of the most classic tables on the list is the executive office table. This is the best office table design suitable for cabins. The table is made of wood, which gives it a shiny look and makes a statement in the office. The executive office table is quite spacious, and one can keep many things such as photo frames, telephones, books, etc. This table makes your workspace spacious and convenient. 


Modern Reception Office Table

10. Modern Reception Office Table

As the name suggests, this table is suitable for the reception area in any modern office or service industry. Being the best office table design, this table is also ideal for hospitals or medical-related reception. Further, the shape of the table is unique and classy, which gives clients and employees the feel of being invited. 

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