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How to Make Small Room Look Bigger

Apr 22, 2022 | Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, Living Space, residence interior design, Urbun Drreams

Who wouldn’t want a bigger home? Everyone desires more, from money to home; the more, the merrier, right? But it is not always the best economic and environmental decision to build or buy a mansion or a bungalow. This is where the ideas to make a small room look bigger come to aid. 

In the end, it is all about illusion. The right set of colours, furniture, curtains, objects, storage cabinets and others can make all the difference. And together with the effective use of natural and artificial light, these small things can make small room look bigger.

So, if you have a small house or room and want to conveniently make it look bigger, this article is just for you. Here we will discuss all about how to make small room look bigger by altering small things. So, let’s start with understanding what makes your home congested. 


Congested House

What makes your home congested?

There are many reasons that lead to a congested place. Maybe your area is small, you have accumulated too much clutter, or maybe the settings of your furniture, paint and lighting are not just right. 

When your stuff is not properly organised, the furniture is set up closely, visible storage units are all full, and the natural lighting can’t spread across the room, it all can give the illusion of a smaller room. Wondering how to illustrate a bigger and more spacious one? Move on to the next section to discover how small changes can make all the difference. 


How can managing a few things change the whole view?

Want to know how to get a spacious home? Using creative lighting, mirrors and contrasting colours could be a way. Let’s clarify one thing first – the ideas to make a small room look bigger are not all expensive, and neither require you to move into a bigger home. These ideas are simple and quite effective. Simple things like changing dark coloured curtains to sheer ones, creating space for more natural lighting, and others can significantly give you a more spacious home. 


But how can managing these things give you a spacious room or home? The answer is simple – illusions and lighting. For instance, covering a wall with a mirror will create the reflection of your space and give an illusion of a spacious room. 


6 super easy ways to make small room look bigger and more spacious

Wondering how to make small room look bigger? We have curated a list of six simple ideas to make a small room look bigger. We can assure you that following these easy and effective methods will make all the difference you need. 


Creative Lighting

Creative lighting – Make Small Room Look Bigger Idea

There is no denying that natural light designs gives the interiors of any room a spacious appearance. But did you know that even artificial light can create an illusion? You can use wall lights to give more depth, and long hanging corner lamps to emphasise the height of the room. There are many other ways to use artificial light such as placing a big flamboyant lamp or using tall, spindly lamps. Lamps come in different shapes, and shade sizes, so pick the one that is in contrast with your wall colours and furniture setup. 


Cut the clutter

Cut the clutter – Make Small Room Look Bigger Ideas

The most simple, easy and effective way to give your home a spacious look is to reduce the clutter. All you have to do is remove all unwanted objects from your home. You have to agree there are certainly a few things that are just taking over the area and making your space congested. That’s the root of all this, so remove them ASAP. The less stuff in your room, the more spacious the room will look. If you have storage units, try to arrange them with inside plants, books and artefacts properly, but make sure to leave some space. This extra space will give the effect of a spacious home. 


Have a focal point

Have a focal point – Make Small Room Look Bigger

A few people might say that this is tricky, but in reality, it is all just about arranging the stuff appropriately. By creating a focal point, we mean focusing on one corner or feature of the room. For example, in the living room, it can be the television, and in the bedroom, it is usually the bed, etc. So, to a focal point, arrange your furniture so that all the attention is centred on a single object. It can be anything, a dining table, a sofa, a bed, a TV or a centerpiece. 


Use more mirrors

Use more mirrors – Make Small Room Look Bigger

Yet, another one of the most exemplary ideas to make a small room look bigger is to use mirrors. Mirrors give back a replica of your space, which creates an optical illusion. If you wish to have a more spacious house, try using more mirrors or better cover the walls or living room storage cabinet with large mirrors. You can even use them in different patterns such as honeycomb, etc.


Play with colours

Play with colours – Make Small Room Look Bigger

When using just one shade or going for a contrast between darker and medium shades, it gives an impression of a smaller room. So the best way to achieve a spacious look is to use combinations of bright white and darker shades. This combination of bright and dark colours creates an illusion of depth, which further gives you a look of a more spacious home. The light colours reflect more light and make the space more airy and open. It’s just simple design physics. 


Set furniture right

Set furniture right – Make Small Room Look Bigger

At last, comes the furniture. You can go for either of the two options- go minimal or for flexible and foldable furniture. For instance, using rising counters, convertible sofas, foldable chairs and tables, etc. Or you can also use furniture made of natural material, such as hardwood. Using either of the two will give you a spacious home as one reduces space and another option creates an illusion with the light coloured walls. 

Urbun Drreams is an interior design company based in Mumbai. Whether you want to make small room look bigger and brighter or want an innovative interior solution, we are your stop solution for all your needs. Connect with us today to avail of our services.

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